Monday, March 8, 2010

Manic Monday!

I'm pretty sure that whenever you take a vacation day from work, those who are left in the office find extra work for you to do upon your return to punish you. At least that's what it feels like this morning. My office is a zoo. So, this will be quick.

My trip to Greensboro was wonderful, as always! I packed healthy road trip snacks. Thank you guys so much for the advice! You had some great ideas!

100 Calorie popcorn, Diet Snapple Peach Tea, a plum and 2 mini Cadbury Eggs. It was perfect! I ate everything but the plum during the drive.

Friday morning I woke up wanting to run. Since I skipped my Thursday run, I figured why not! So I put on my shoes and started out with no real plan. I had a great run and stopped at one of my favorite spots.

Friday night we went out and had a GREAT time. I ate too much and drank too much but if walking from bar to bar and dancing my butt off burns calories, I probably did pretty well. Here's a group shot!

Saturday was my rest day and I rested. I got my hair cut, spend some time with my family. We cooked dinner at home and watched DVDs.

Sunday was my 5 mile training run. I didn't want to get out the door, but I'm really glad I did. The weather (for both of my runs actually) was BEAUTIFUL. Here are the stats:

Like my other long runs, the 2nd time doing the distance is a little easier than the first. Greensboro has a lot of hills and I'm used to running at the beach with no hills. So that presented a nice challenge, although I was cursing the hills most of the time. After my run I hung out with my family for awhile before beginning my drive back. My snacks included a 100 Calorie Oatmeal Pie and a Diet Pepsi.

Now I'm back at work and it's crazy. I haven't even begun to think of a meal plan for the week, I'll probably work on that tonight. Tonight is Meatless Monday dinner and I'm torn as to what to make. I know it will involve some or a combination of the following:

Butternut Squash
Soy Crumbles
Frozen Mixed Vegetables

That's what I got in the fridge...who has some ideas?

Do you find it hard to remain true to your healthy lifestyle when around your family?

It's so hard for me. I am really proud of myself for running, usually I just go completely off the wagon.

Welcome back to Monday!


TJ on March 8, 2010 at 11:27 AM said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend! :)

Do you have any pasta sauce?? You can whip up a baked macaroni thingamagig and toss in those veggies. lol :)

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie on March 8, 2010 at 1:20 PM said...

Manic Meatless Monday! (I don't have any suggestions for you with those ingredients, except what TJ said...)

You are doing great with your running, and congrats on your good eating during your road trip!

I am an emotional eater around my family (parents, not kids and Mr. Debbie), so I would say a big YES to having trouble staying on track when I am around them.

I'll be curious what you came up with to make for your dinner! :)

Tricia on March 8, 2010 at 4:30 PM said...

I'm heading out on wednesday for a 4 week long visit to my parents. I find it easy (or even easier) to continue eating healthy around my family. They know its my lifestyle now and I like being a good example to them :)

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