Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Work Out and Holiday Tips from Bitch Cakes

Today is a rest day...see:

(I remembered!)

So, on Monday I DVR'ed a couple new workouts on FitTV, Core Max and Stretch Max with Cathe Friedrich. Both workouts were very good, the core was all abs and I had to rest a lot, but I felt like I got an amazing ab work out. The Stretch Max was my favorite. It felt wonderful and was just 30 minutes of stretching. It was really great first thing in the morning. If you have the FitTV channel, you should try them out!

Last night, I stayed On-Point! My total point allotment right now is 22, I went up to 23, but I did run 3.5 miles yesterday morning, so I had the activity points. I even managed to tweet, eat and post!

Tuesday's food journal
mis-mash yogurt, banana, pumpkin apple butter sprinkled with cereal 4
lentil soup with 3 wasa crisp'n lights (love those things, 3 for 1 point!) 5
jam thumbprints! 2
lite pimento cheese spread with wasa crisps as a snack after work 3
hungry-girl's eggplant parm and roasted asparagus 4
jam thumbprints 1
100 calorie bag of kettle corn and 2 tbsp raisins 2
jam thumbprints (damn addictive things) and a dove dark chocolate square. all done for the day! 2

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

I talk about Wasa Crisp'n Lights a lot, I've always loved Wasa products but have never tried these. They are fantastic and you get 3 Crisps for 1 weight watcher point! They are great with Light Pimento Cheese, Peanut Butter or even topped with artichoke hearts. You should definitely look for them!

While reading blogs this morning I came across an awesome entry from Bitch Cakes (if you don't follow her, you really should...she is fierce! She rides her bike all over NYC and the heels!) where she shared tips/strategies for staying on track and staying motivated during the holidays! It is a fantastic reminder of the little things we can do to remain in control. I plan to practice quite a few of them myself!

In non-health related news...

I'm working on a side project for a friend of mine at home and it requires me to sit at my laptop and do data entry. My desk is a disaster area and used mostly for junk collection and was once used for crafts. I haven't felt like cleaning it off, so I sit at my coffee table while I work. Last night is a prime example of why I don't blog from home much.

Chaser the Wonder Schnauzer is always reading over my shoulder!

Here's to an on-point day filled with healthy choices! :)


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