Monday, November 9, 2009

A happy weekend.

My "weekend" or day off really, started on Saturday at 4:45 when I got off of work. I went home, got laundry started, made dinner and watched a movie with my husband. After the movie, we decided to play cards. Just me and husband, hanging out in our pajamas, listening to music and playing Rummy. Such a simple night, but we had so much fun. We talked and laughed, finishing just in time to curl up on the couch and watch Saturday Night Live.

Sunday morning, I got up and met my girlfriends for a 2 mile easy trail jog. I didn't worry about my pace or how much I jogged vs. walked. I just enjoyed having company while doing something that I have learned to love. We did 2 miles and then stopped for a photo op:

(Me, Kelly & Katie)

after which we went to Starbucks and sat in the sun drinking our beverages of choice. I had a Cafe Misto with a pump of pumpkin spice syrup. We talked and laughed for about an hour. Just enjoying each others company and the beautiful day.

We decided to go up to the bar and meet the guys for football, we drank too many beers, but laughed and talked for hours.

Last night I got home and slept like a baby. Was this the healthiest weekend ever? No. I did OK, not great but this was a weekend of record. I enjoyed the company of those around me, felt loved and I loved in return. Mentally I needed this weekend more I realized.

Sometimes the healthiest thing you can do for yourself is to sit back, relax, love and be loved. That's what this weekend was about for me. There are no regrets, no guilt, no doubt. This weekend was perfect, just as it was.


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