Saturday, November 21, 2009

Can you remind me?

Today makes 1 week since I've ran at all, longer since I've run well. I woke up last Saturday morning with a water balloon for a knee and I've not worked out since. It has been very painful, but it's finally starting to ease up. With my race on Thursday, I haven't wanted to risk it. I want to run that 5k. Tomorrow I am going to try and do an easy two miles, walking as much as I need to. It feels so weird now when I'm not exercising a lot, but I like that.

This weekend is going to be an emotional one. My best friend is moving away and this is our last hurrah. I just have to remember to keep my habits in check. Food will not make me feel any better and neither will booze. Ok, booze might temporarily help, but the next day I will feel worse.

On Wednesday I leave for Greensboro for Thanksgiving and I know that will be a test in willpower. I am going to allow myself to eat what I moderation. I'm not going to be so concerned with counting points that I don't enjoy myself. I would feel worse for that than I would for eating poorly. I am going to fit activity in where I can and since I will be responsible for a good amount of the cooking on Thanksgiving Day and for our Tree Trimming party on Friday, I will substitute healthy options whenever possible.

I think I am writing this more for me than anyone else. I always tell people "Can you remind me to (insert random thing here)..." because if I say something out loud, even if they don't remind me I am always more apt to remember it, so if you guys don't mind...

Can you guys remind me to enjoy myself in moderation, enjoy the time with my friends and family and cherish every moment of the next week while keeping myself healthy? That would be great...Thanks. :)


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