Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No Excuses Included!

Today my friend Heather shared a 5 week training schedule for a 5k. It works out perfectly because my race is exactly 5 weeks from tomorrow. I had to adjust the last week slightly because my race is on Thursday instead of Sunday like the original schedule, but I think it will work great!

My plan is to hang it on the fridge and mark the days off as I complete them. I figure (as I promised yesterday when I promised myself No More Excuses!) that on my rest days I can do any combination of Yoga, Sit-ups/Push-ups or fun activity I want to do and then mark the days off as they pass. It will work for a countdown to the race and my vacation!

I marked off Tuesdays run this morning (after getting the schedule) because I took Chaser the Wonder Schnauzer...(pause for picture)

....for a run/walk/sniff around my neighborhood. He doesn't really run well, but I was proud of him because he gave a good solid effort for about 1.6 miles! He only caused me slight injury one time when he came to a complete stop out of nowhere and I rolled my ankle a seems fine today though!

Today is a "Rest" day, so I think I am going to do an Ab Workout that was in my Real Simple Magazine this month. Then I'm going to settle in for a movie with the husband. Sounds like a good night to me, no excuses included! :)


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