Friday, October 30, 2009

What I could do...

I had a rock star week this week. I got a lot of activity in, I made new recipes, I felt powerful and strong. I blogged a lot. I went out with my friends, had 4 beers and stopped, was surrounded by cigarettes and fried food and turned both down, on more than one occasion this week. I made time for me, I focused on being happy and finding balance.

This morning, I got on the scale and I had a total weight loss of:

0 lbs

*crickets chirping*

What I could do is get upset. What I could do is go completely off point and binge. What I could do is get mad at myself. What I could do is say "the hell with it, I'm done". What I could do is act shocked, and pretend I don't know why this happened or make up some excuse about stress eating or how I must be gaining muscle.

BUT, I'm not going to do these things...that's what old Me would have done. What I am going to do is pride myself for having a rock star week regardless of what the scale says, admit that my size 12 jeans do feel a little more snug than before and admit that my late night snacking was a bit out of hand at the beginning of the week and especially last weekend while I was dog sitting. I knew it while I was doing it, but I chose to do it anyway.

I am also going to go forward with this week, knowing that I can have a great week again. I have power over my urges to snack. I am going to be aware of the food I am putting in my mouth, the choices I am making and I am going to move forward.

No excuses, just accountability.

Moving right along...

Yesterday was a 3 mile training run, I averaged 11:03/mi and was happy with that. IT was cold, windy and I was on a 14 hour long empty tummy. Today was a "rest" day, so I played a little Wii Fit after my weigh in (step aerobics, distance run and hula hoop) and then I did a morning Yoga DVD.

Tonight I am having a girlfriend over for dinner and scary movies. On the menu is Baked Slow Cooker Chicken, roasted butternut squash (there is also some squash and onion that the chicken is resting on top of instead of foil as the recipe notes) and she is making steamed artichokes. For dessert I have an assortment of Sugar Free Pudding cups and Yoplait Parfaits to choose from.

The whole chicken wouldn't fit into my tiny crockpot, so I had to hack the poor thing up. My husband laughed at me the whole time. I don't think it would be impossible for me to become a vegetarian if I had to disjoint my own meat often. I was taking do it the whole time "I'm so sorry little bird, oh that's so gross, I'm know that must hurt!". Yeah, I didn't like that experience and I think I will just stick with already cut up chickens going forward. Lesson learned.

I hope you all have a very Happy Halloween!


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