Monday, October 26, 2009

"Go Me!" Moments

I live on the coast of North Carolina, this weekend some friends asked me to dog sit for them in their beach house on Sunset Beach. Who am I to refuse a house for the weekend 1/2 of a block from the beach? Meet my pal for the weekend:


We walked all over the island on Saturday evening, having a grand old time in the sand and on land. On Sunday morning he decided I should see the sunrise. While I wasn't happy at the prospect of being up so early at first, I was glad he did.

We had a lovely and long walk after which he crashed on the porch while I finished reading 1 book and started another...all before 10am, I might add.

So, this weekend I got lots of walking done, which was good since it was my "Rest" days for my 5k training plan but, did you know that staying by yourself, house sitting in a home full of junk food, missing your husband and your own dog will probably make you eat thus said junk food? Well it did me. I didn't make the best food choices, (too many ginger snaps, peanut butter on crackers, chex mix and M&Ms) I'll admit it and there are no excuses. I did it, I admit it and I'm moving along.

However, guess what did happen? Are you ready for this? I went to Football Sunday for a few hours with the guys and I only had....1 beer. AND I didn't smoke. I haven't had a single cigarette in 1 week and I have only had 1 beer 9 days. I know, my excitement over this leads one to think I should be in AA or something...but it's not like that. I just really like my beer. While sitting at the bar I almost asked my husband for a cigarette several times and then I thought:

"Think how disappointed you will feel if you do and think how proud you will feel if you don't."

and it worked! Then I was thinking instead of going to my house to cook a healthy dinner to take to my friends house for dinner last night (I didn't want to dirty their kitchen) I would just swing by Wendy's a grab a cheeseburger. A few minutes later I thought:

"Think how disappointed you will feel if you do and think how proud you will feel if you don't."

And guess what? It worked. AGAIN. :) Sure, it was a pain in the butt driving all over creation and having to bring food to cart back home to work today, but I had a vegetable full healthy dinner instead of a cheeseburger. So although I made some poor food choices I have to say this weekend was full of "GO ME!" moments.

Pause a minute and do the cabbage patch....and the roger rabbit....

Sorry ya'll, but I feel good. :)


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