Friday, August 7, 2009

So, the Tweet, Eat, Post tool is working great for me. It's something new and different and it's keeping me on track. As evidenced by the fact that I am down 1.6lbs...which is awesome because on Tuesday when I weighed, I was up 2lbs. I don't weight myself constantly. Just once on Monday or Tuesday to check and make sure I have no big shifts and then on officially weigh in Friday.

So, my current weight is 166.4lbs!

There's my little thing. I'm almost to my first goal! Of course, I've been almost to my first goal for awhile now, but still, it's exciting! It's been slow and steady. I started in January, but I know by doing it the way I have, making changes to the way I think about food and exercise is the right way and I know it will stay off. I have my set backs, we all do. I have my days where I do not want to be healthy. I don't care. But, the next day, I stand up, brush the oreo crumbs off my shirt and head to the gym. It's not the end of the world.

This is my life now. Do I just give up whenever I don't feel like working? Paying my bills? Doing laundry? No. I do it anyway because these things are essential. Working out and being healthy has become essential to me.

Ok, /end pep talk to self. :)

I do have to share something that I think you guys might understand. Over the past 2 days I've seen 5 people that really haven't seen me much since February. They all were astonished by how much weight I've lost. I mean, they continued to talk about it. The first compliment or two are awesome and they are motivating! However, when they continue to talk about how great I look and how hard I must have's giving me a complex that I must have been as large as a cow or possibly a house. Was I hideous then? Was I repulsive? I do like the compliments that come with my new body, but sometimes my head turns it into a negative. Maybe I'm just programmed that way, I don't know. Just been thinking about that. :)


I hope you have all had wonderful weeks and I hope that all of you with weekends have happy ones!


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