Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Idle Time is a Fat Girl's Buffett

Wow, I have been avoiding this place. It's so much easier to write and be active here when I'm doing well. When I'm eating OP. When I'm exercising daily. When I'm proud of myself....not so easy when I'm up 4lbs from my lowest weight on this journey, having a hard time finding motivation to work out as much as I was before and mindlessly snacking all evening long.

The truth is, those are the times I should be here. Writing about why I feel this way. Why I feel out of control. This summer work has been especially stressful. It's not an excuse, but it's a factor. Then, I've had idle time in the evenings after work and you know what happens when a fat chick has idle time, right? Well, they don't do jumping jacks.

Today is the day I regain control (again). I am committing to #TEP on Twitter. I'll be there under TonynesFood if anyone is bored enough to follow my daily eating habits.

I will be accountable.


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