Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm up for the challenge

Yesterday our fearless leader over at Blog to Lose told us "Why Wait?!? Challenge Starts This Weekend!" She challenged us to join the One Hundred Push Ups, Two Hundred Sit Ups and Two Hundred Squat Challenges. Since I'm growing a little bored with my routine work outs, I decided to jump on board. Today, along with a 3 mile jog/walk, I did my initial exhaustion testing, here are my most pitiful counts:

Push Ups: 10
Sit Ups: 43
Squats: 30

I look forward to working on my training and building these numbers. I know it's going to help my upper body and core strength, 2 places where I am severely lacking. I plan to start on Sunday and do my training Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Now it's time to give the dog a hair cut...I wonder how many calories that burns?


carla on August 29, 2009 at 6:55 AM said...

oooh doghaircutting can burn lots of calories.
if your dog is like my bullmastiff and there is a bunch of initial CHASING then duringthecut wrangling involved.

good idea for todays crosstraining :)


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