Friday, April 2, 2010

I am human. Damn it.

I will start this blog with my weigh in, because I want to get it over with.

Today's weight: 163.4 / +2.2lbs from last week.

Am I shocked? Actually I'm kind of shocked it wasn't more.

Shocked you didn't gain more? Really? You don't say? Yes. I went off plan...all week. I didn't track, I ate pizza and burgers between the hours of 1am-3am in Savannah and other than walking around the city and one 3 mile run yesterday I have had little activity.

I came back from a fantastic vacation to find my husband sick, my dog sick, I found that I have developed allergies to pollen after 30 years of being allergy free. The house was a mess because the husband and the dog were sick, I had to sleep in the guest bedroom so I didn't get what my husband had. I couldn't unpack from my trip. I was exhausted from not sleeping well in Savannah. All of that added together made for a very lazy, poor eating me.

Did I also mention that I work for a Beach Vacation Rental Company as Maintenance Coordinator and this week starts our peak season and that for the next 4-5 months I will be working much like a Tasmanian Devil crossbred with a Whirling Dervish? Well, I will be. Imagine that in your heads.

You know how much I hate excuses and I'm sorry to give them to you. I feel like I've let you down.

But, you know what this has helped me to realize? I'm human. It happens to all of us. However when the husband says "You haven't tracked your food this week, like at all." I know it's time to reign it back in.

Today was going to be that day...but guess what? I went back to sleep after my 5am alarm went off.

*slaps forehead*

Tonight I will do some yoga...I probably need the stress relief along with the activity.

I will do my 7 mile run (which still has not been done) on Sunday. Monday I will resume the 5:20am wake ups. That is my plan. I am starting to feel the panic of loss of control in the back of my throat. Especially when I walk into my office this morning and find this!

The candy fairy struck. The whole cup is filled with jelly beans. I love jelly beans.

Here is my meal plan:

Meatless Monday - BBQ Quorn (vegetarian chicken like substance) Pita Pizza
Tuesday - Chicken Breast with Artichoke & Feta
Wednesday - Black Bean & Corn Chili
Thursday - Hungry Girl's Outside In Turkey Cheeseburger

Wish me luck reigning this puppy in. I know this isn't the typical motivational entry that I love to write...but like I said before. I am human. The same struggles you have, I have. The same inner battles you go through, I go through as well. This all just reminds me how far I have left to go.

That being said...I wish you all happy weekends if you have them and Happy Easter's if you celebrate it!


Previously Plump... in progress on April 2, 2010 at 11:35 AM said...

Tee Hee, I like that photo of you - very cute.

I hear ya, I know how you feel. I hate the loss of control feeling too, it sucks. But get back on it now before that 2+ lbs becomes 5+ lbs.

Have a great weekend ladycakes.

Syl on April 2, 2010 at 11:37 AM said...

you make a very cute pink bunny :-)

you'll get that off in no time

Jennifer on April 2, 2010 at 12:04 PM said...

No worries, you will bounce back!! I have faith!! xox Jen

Linda on April 2, 2010 at 12:58 PM said...

You look adorable in your bunny suit....Now to get to the must not be too hard on yourself, imagine a year ago what you might have gained on the same trip...your training and the ratio - muscle over fat is helping...Keep up the good work!!! Linda

Amanda Vittitow on April 2, 2010 at 3:55 PM said...

You can do it Tonyne... I know you can. You are one of the strongest and healthiest people I know... Now if you need me to help you get rid of those jelly beans, just let me know. I'll give you my address. :) Lots of luck and hugs.

Tracy on April 3, 2010 at 10:17 AM said...

I am in the same boat! While we have gone to 2-a-day workouts, I have also found myself eating a huge tub of popcorn at the movies (complete with butter - lots of it), cupcakes at a going away party and the dreaded Krispy Kreme doughnut!

My word for year (something I do instead of New Year's Resolutions, pick a work and make it your inspiration and goal) is "present" - meaning my life has a million new times to start again, because each moment is a new present, and I can begin in the present, now.

We all fall, it is us that get up and start new, show we are human but can be better. hugs.

Lanine on April 3, 2010 at 2:49 PM said...

Sometimes the only thing you can do is go back on plan. We had a day like that yesterday. But today is all clean eating!

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