Saturday, July 11, 2009

Being Accountable

So, I've been absent lately. I wanted to make this blog something great. Something to inspire myself and others. That's easy to do when I'm completely on point with my new healthy lifestyle, it's not so easy to do when I'm not. I recently made myself some promises and I recommitted to my new lifestyle. A 7 month renewal.

I can see the road I'm going down. I've been smoking again. I used to have one or two when I drank, now I'm drinking so I can smoke. I February! I used to measure everything, now I "eyeball" which usually means doubling my serving sizes. I use the "oh, I ate a is shot, I'll eat whatever I want" excuse way too often.

NO MORE! I see myself going back down the same old road. I get comfortable with my weight, I gain confidence again, so I indulge more. I should know better.

I am making myself rules right now:

1. I will start measuring my food again.

2. I will not eat after 8pm.

3. I will not smoke anymore. At all. Period.

4. I will cut back on the amount of alcohol I drink.

5. I will refocus and stay focused. This is a lifestyle change, not a one time thing. Damn it. I know this. Remember THIS.

I am visualizing a road block in my head.


You can not go this way. Not this time. Never again.


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